Yes for Medicare For All
Yes for Green New Deal 
Yes for Student Debt Relief 
Yes for Free Public College Tuition
  • Strengthening our nation's public school system, promoting diversity in schools, and increasing supports and incentives for school teachers

  • Tuition free public colleges and universities, ending all federal student debt and regulating private loans

  • Access to cost-free school meals and increases to quality and nutritional standards

  • New programs to measurably increase child and adult literacy

  • Equal pay for women and minorities, enforcement of labor laws and increasing minimum wage

  • Tax policy that is equitable and holds wealthy individuals and corporations fully accountable

  • Equal access to healthcare and phasing-out employer/employee policies for innovations in costing

  • Justice reform that is sensitive to the must vulnerable, new provisions for mental health access for all and prison reform

  • Strengthening Social Security, creating new affordable housing programs with outcome sin low-income home ownership, and increasing access to nutrition for prenatal and new mothers

  • Join other leading countries in climate policy and strategic planning

  • Environmental policy that provides for those who have suffered in environments previously poorly regulated and highly polluted

  • New HUD provisions for micro-environments, including indoor air quality

  • Innovations in our nation's energy infrastructure

  • New standards for waste management

  • New clean water policy to measurably reduce incidence of lead exposure

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