United States Junior Corps. of Engineers (USJCE) For Climate and Environmental Safety


The US Armed Forces are responsible for the country's protection from existential threats. What this bill does is expands that interpretation into law to incorporate climate change and environmental safety within the scope of military activities and the vast military budget. This will help transform military technology, re-balance power projection toward power in sustainability. Also, encouraging the private military industrial complex and contractors to embrace a move toward environmental sustainability.

USJCE is a complex program proposal allowing individuals aged 17 to enter the the US armed service to earn a GED and an AS degree in engineering over a two-year, year-round program period;  followed by four years of active duty functioning as junior engineer on mission building new structures needed in response to threats posed by climate change and environmental hazards. This mission is coordinated with university study allowing participants to earn a BS in engineering simultaneously during mission completion. Successful graduates are then invited to pursue a graduate degree in a field of study of their choice paid for fully through a modified GI Bill program.


This bill will introduce:

  • Creation of Junior Corps Engineering Academy

  • Outline Mission for Climate Change and Environmental Safety

  • Update the GI Bill to cover 100% of tuition for service members

  • Reduce age to enter service to the age of 17 years

  • Reduce age to vote in local, sate, and federal elections to the age of 17 years

  • Outline new environmental standards for all military functions

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