Federal Normalization of Cannabis Consumption, Commerce and Taxation


In the United States, states often lead in legislation that reflects the desires of the people. As states adopt new policies that may not be protected by Federal law or even prohibited by Federal law, it is up to Congress to respond and bridge the gap. Often this response is a normalization of state laws that begin to trend toward national acceptance. The jurisdiction for such action is typically supported under the US Commerce Clause for interstate business. Cannabis laws in the US, at the state level, have long pointed toward a national state trend and Federal laws are long over due for national normalization.

This proposal is a complex bill that legalizes recreational sales and consumption of cannabis with regulative standards throughout the country, releases and expunges the records of incarcerated and previously incarcerated individuals, and sets guidelines for taxation of cannabis restricting all tax proceeds to the implementation of the act and funding federally mandated arts programming; reviving and updating aspects of the Federal Art Project of 1935, indefinitely. America's contribution to art in world culture is arguably unmatched and our greatest asset. We must continue to promote the arts and expand art programming to include more students and artists of all ages and increase compensation of arts teachers


This bill will introduce:

  • Federal laws and regulations for the consumption and sale of cannabis and cannabis products.

  • Federal regulations for local, state, and Federal taxation of cannabis and cannabis products.

  • Implementation of a Federal Arts Project in the spirit of the 1935 program.

  • Release all incarcerated individuals found guilty of cannabis charges.

  • Expunge the records of all related charges for all individuals as far as records allow (20-year look back).

  • Federal refund of bail money paid for related charges (5-year look back).


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