Educator Expense Deduction


The education expense deduction is a $250 Federal income tax deduction made available to educators. It is well-known that teachers often pay out of pocket to purchase supplies, food and clothing items to perform their jobs and to help their students learn and grow. I propose ending this after-the-fact tax deduction and providing teachers a SNAP allowance of $1,500 annually. This Act would augment and expand SNAP to include the purchase of schools supplies and a modest clothing allowance for both parents and teachers.

This proposal, like many others I have presented is synergistic. It achieves many things and strengthens an existing program that is vital to the development of our children. Our teachers are underpaid, this program is one of the incentives I will introduce to attract more teachers to the profession and elevate the profession itself for better educational outcomes. The $1,500 made available annually to teachers will be allowed to rollover and teachers may use their own discretion on how the SNAP funds are spent. This annual allowance will phase out based on years of teaching and salary levels; the balance will remain intact beyond retirement, however. This bill also diversifies the pool of SNAP recipients in order to help reduce stigma and bias; therefore protecting the program for political whim.


This bill will:

  • Conclude the outdated $250 Educator Expense Deduction. 

  • Provide teachers a $1,500 SNAP annual allowance to use at their discretion.

  • Expands SNAP to include school supplies and a modest clothing allowance for qualified parents and teachers.


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