Reproductive Rights

Naturally, it is the duty of women to make informed decisions about reproduction.

Naturally, it is the duty women to make informed decisions about reproduction.


It is the role of the family and the community, at large, to foster an informative dialogue and understanding about reproduction.


Abortion is seriously the most insensitive political issue of all time. Broadly, such debates fail to ever really address deeper social challenges, but more importantly, the issue fails to understand a woman in crisis.


Either side of the argument seems too quickly refined into a binary position, seemingly dictated by the ballot box more so than a sense of humanity or empathy.


We must understand the sorrow, help mitigate the pain, and work to promote health and create joy in all of our lives, the lives of the American People.


Reproductive rights is a cultural subject rather than a political issue; we demean the subject from the outset if we consider reproduction a simple political talking point.


We must continue to work with those who already understand that we need to change the dialogue itself if we are to make progress and find a productive consensus for the American culture.


We must focus on the supports we can provide as a community and a People such as education, wraparound resources…


We must discuss infant mortality.


We must discuss domestic violence.


I challenge any politician to dare debate reproductive rights without discussing infant mortality.


So as to stop ignoring the women and children who are actually dying from poor access to care and nutrition when we discuss abortion in theory.

NARAL Pro-Choice America

This Administration's Vision for America Is a Clear and Present Danger to Women. Donate to Help Naral Pro-choice America Protect and Expand Reproductive Freedom. Paid Family Leave. Birth Control. Abortion Access. Pregnancy Discrimination.


Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio

Planned Parenthood operates 19 health centers throughout Ohio. We offer reproductive health care services for generations of Ohioans; supporting people of color, those with low incomes, and the LGBTQ+ community.


Victim Assistance Program


Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center

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