Juvenille Criminal Justice Reform


Studies show that juvenile solitary confinement is incredibly detrimental to the development of juveniles. While many states have ended or limited the practice, there is no Federal legislation to prohibit its practice. The practice is most typically used today to protect juvenile inmates in adult prisons for protection purposes. Studies show that incidences related to these practices are often disproportionately inflicted on minorities. We must take steps to reduce this bias as well as create better outcomes for our all of children.


This bill will prohibit:

  • Solitary confinement of juveniles

  • Prosecution of juveniles as adults

  • Inclusion of juveniles in adult prison populations

This bill will create:
  • Funding for enhanced mental services during incarceration and for a period after incarceration for more successful re-integration outcomes.

  • Funding for more robust educational programming for juveniles during incarceration.

  • Measures to detect bias through data collection, dissemination and research.

  • Measures to bridge educational programming at the end of a sentence in to an appropriate public educational institution.

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