My experience has provided me a deep understanding of the unrealized potential of our country.

I am Shaker grad and I earned a Bachelor degree cum laude from Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, NY. My professional background is in accounting, taxation and public housing.


I have been able to survey the business landscape as a practitioner working with owners of small to medium-sized companies in northeast Ohio and in the New York tri-state area. As congressman, I will be able to truly pull the narrative from the numbers and translate complex financial data meaningfully to constituents. I understand the challenges and incentives within the Federal tax code that significantly impact business decisions. I will use my acumen to better inform constituents of legislative outcomes and identify opportunities for reform.

My technical understanding of public housing and first-hand knowledge of resident concerns also informs my deep awareness of the need for institutional reform. My experience as property manager for Outhwaite Homes solidified my desire to serve the people. The rich history in some of our district's poorest neighborhoods is awe inspiring, but what inspires me the most is the goodness I encountered everyday; goodness despite adversity. There are several individuals at Outhwaite Homes who directly inspired me and this campaign; to them I am forever grateful.


Now more than ever is time to build bridges. As congressman, I will work diligently and collaboratively to realize progress and rebuild bipartisanship with a spirit of love and justice.

Despite economic data, many Ohioans remain marginalized, experience insecurities, are not safe in their homes, are oppressed, abused, or addicted. I want to emphasize, I understand many of societies challenges are symptomatic to systemic failures and institutional bias. As your representative, I will work to create policy that alleviates the symptomatic and implements actual systemic solutions; such as addressing infant mortality, housing insecurity and justice reform.


We, as a nation, suffer together from toxic environments both physically and mentally. We must work together to create outcomes that are progressive and holistic. 



In congress, I will engage research-based innovation toward policy that is both sensitive to our most vulnerable families and that leverages technology to better measure policy needs and results.


In congress, I will support policy that creates economic outcomes that favor the people, strengthens our institutions, and fosters health and education.


We must create a society where our healthy children can enter an economy with access to capital rather than a society that perpetuates outcomes in debt.


My priority as congressman is to represent the priorities of the 11th district.


The concerns of the people are numerous and many are complex. I believe efforts in education, equity and environmental policy will increase the overall quality of life in our community and our country. I will work closely on these issues to create reform and realize progress.

Learning from our district's beloved Carl Stokes who taught us that we must not separate environmentalism from social justice. He understood the outcomes of institutional bias and the concerns of vulnerable families. In congress I will work to ensure that all progress in environmental policy creates equitable outcomes and prioritizes those most affected by environmental hazards.


Wrap your arms around this campaign! Together we can bring new spirit to congress.

Thank you and God bless.





  • Education

  • Equity

  • Environment


-Improve and introduce new Federal credits and incentives for school teachers 


-Support for the advancement and innovation of public schools and curricula 


-Increase Federal funding for public colleges and universities to eliminate student tuition


-Increase Federal funding for academic research in public colleges and universities


-Eliminate existing student debt


-Introduce new regulations for private student borrowing 



-Equal pay for women and minorities


-Equal access to health and nutrition


-Drastic reduction in infant and maternal mortality rates among African Americans and other groups disproportionately represented


-Affordable housing and increased outcomes in home ownership


-Justice and prison reform


-Tax reform


-Enforcement of labor standards to protect American jobs



-Energy policy and grid advancement


-Increase research and design credits for new methods and materials to reduce environmental impact


-Targets for carbon emissions and plastics


-Indoor environmental quality standards


-Sustainable housing and infrastructure initiatives


-Waste and recycling standards

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