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Maternal and Infant Mortality


The US infant mortality rate remains woefully behind our global peers. Ohio has among some of the highest infant mortality rates in the US. Infant mortality rates are skewed over large areas and do not meaningfully represent areas of infant mortality concentration. Ohio’s eleventh congressional district encompasses areas of concentration up to four times the national average. Research indicates that many deaths are generally preventable.

In my effort to understand the district, to get to know its needs through common communication and professional life, this is the issue that I found most alarming. It actually breaks my heart to attempt this, but we can do it! I hope the simple data I present will speak to you as it speaks to me.

My conclusion is that infant mortality rates in the US can be reduced. My desire is to inspire a district to champion a crisis. We can demonstrate leadership to the rest of the nation to improve a really important quality of life measure: being alive!

I am proposing a 10-year comprehensive public health strategy to measurably reduce infant mortality with a look-back period to evaluate results. I am inviting public comment for this proposal, sharing academic research to develop policy to reduce infant mortality to 4.0 per 100,000 births, nationally, in 10 years.

This campaign is about what we can accomplish together as a district. There are so many incredible experts in our district who understand we need the political will at a Federal level to overcome these challenges and save lives. There are many issues, there is so much good work to do; and then there are priorities and opportunities to change.


Join me!


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